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Rental Terms and Info

Rentals are billed on a monthly basis and run from the 1st of each month until the last day of the month.
New rentals are pro-rated based on the day of the month you begin your rental. If you begin renting on the 15th of the month, you will only owe approximately 1/2 months rent!

Finished with your unit? Checking out is easy! Just leave your unit empty and put your notice in our convenient 24 hour drop box stating you have vacated the unit. We’ll mail your security deposit back promptly upon inspection of your empty unit!
Rent is due by the FIRST day of each month and no later than the 10th day. A late fee will be assessed if payments arrive after the 10th day of each month. Please note your unit’s ID on each payment. (Ex: Unit E-23).

Multiple units can be paid for with one payment – just note your unit numbers with your payment and we’ll do the rest!

Be sure to keep us updated of any address / information changes so that your invoices and security deposit refunds are sent to the correct location!
CASH, MONEY ORDER OR CHECK ONLY! Sorry… no credit/debit cards, but there is an ATM machine located less than 1 block from our office at the Skyline Bank!
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email: office@craftselfstorage.com